Ohio Earthworks Up For Sale

Jarrod Burks, President of the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy, wrote to alert us that a major earthwork site is threatened: the Junction Group in Ross County. A collection of nine small-to-medium sized enclosures, the site was mapped by Squier and Davis in the 1840s, the Junction Group includes Ohio’s only known quatrefoil, which was located during a magnetic survey in 2005.


The Junction Group is scheduled to be sold at auction on March 18th.

The site covers about 20-25 acres but is part of an 89-acre field. Located on the southwest edge of Chillicothe, the site has road frontage plus nearby city water and sewage, thus making it attractive for real estate development and providing threat to the earthworks.

Junc Group Mag Survey


The Heartland Earthworks Conservancy (HEC) is part of a consortium working to save the Junction Group and preserve its archaeological significance. To learn more about the Junction Group and how you can help, visit the HEC website:  www.earthworksconservancy.org/what-is-the-junction