Tourism is big business — with huge potential for heritage and culture.  In Ohio it’s one of the fastest growing segments of the economy.  How does tourism impact your community?  How many people venture off the interstate to visit your heritage museums, the nature preserve just outside of town, or the antique shops and boutiques on your main thoroughfare?

Today’s traveler is looking for authentic heritage experiences in unique places – like your town!  But can your community reap the benefits of the growing tourism industry without experiencing the negative aspects?

Civic Tourism presents us with some of the answers. As a practice of planning and management, Civic Tourism reframes the conversation to engage citizens in the preservation of their communities and heritage while promoting economic development. Through its programs and grant-making initiatives, the Ohio Humanities Council encourages Ohioans to identify what we love and value in our communities – and what we want to share with visitors.

“Civic Tourism is about appreciating tourism as a public good … and practicing it as a public art.”

– Dan Shilling

Civic Tourism: The Poetry and Politics of Place