Ohio Humanities Awarded NEH Grant for Tourism Website

Our Ohio Humanities SeeOhioFirst.org website is about to expand thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The award of $100,000 from the NEH Division of Public Programs will be used to redesign the Ohio Humanities’ heritage tourism website, adding interpretive content supported by a custom-designed web infrastructure.

The project will engage scholars, community stakeholders, and technicians to present stories of Ohio’s heritage and culture. img-barnIn making the award, the National Endowment commended the project for showcasing the humanities to stimulate the educational potential of travel. SeeOhioFirst.org was first launched in 2012 as a repository for The New Ohio Guide, a series of driving tours narrated by humanities professionals.  

Created under a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation, The New Ohio Guide has served as a template for additional tours of cultural heritage sites. >>> Click Here to Learn More!

SeeOhioFirst.org Launches 2012 Travel Season

In 1940, the Federal Writers Project produced a massive book detailing the scenic treasures and everyday life along Ohio’s roads – roads that went through the big cities as well as through farmland and tucked-away places. 70 years later, the roads have changed and the pulse of the people is different – in some places. The Ohio Humanities Council has launched The New Ohio Guide Audio Tours at SeeOhioFirst.org.

“Long before Ohio had an interstate system, the Federal Writers Project staff traveled the state’s main roads to compile a history of Ohio,” said Pat Williamsen, Executive Director of the Ohio Humanities Council. “But the New Dealers also wanted to use tourism to spark the economy during the Great Depression – so they included driving tours as part of The Ohio Guide.”

OHC has updated eleven itineraries from the original Ohio Guide to encourage motorists to get off the interstate and enjoy Ohio’s small towns and scenic beauty. This new guide takes those older routes and gives them a 21st century twist — as free downloadable audio tours. Recorded by independent producers and public broadcasting partners, the tours highlight Ohio’s history, culture, and geography. Each tour on SeeOhioFirst.org is accompanied by maps, photographs, and other information.

Save gas; buy local – See Ohio First!